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Maximising Profitability

There are five main dispensing areas which combine to maximise pharmacy profitabilty.  Our experts understand that all pharmacies are different and through our individualised action planning we can help you to highlight areas for improvement and provide short, medium and long term solutions.  One day spent in your pharmacy is usually sufficient to give pointers as to how to maximise your profitabilty.  

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1. People who wait for their prescription (Acute)

Key areas for consideration are:
1. Waiting times - everyone expects you to dispense their prescription accurately, but short waiting times are really important.  Ideally, less than 8 minutes.
2. Stock availability - you can't predict what will be needed, but you should have a good idea.  Patients with acute scripts, won't want to return.
3. Advice from the pharmacist - this is a great opportunity to sign this person up to your pharmacy, or if they are a regular customer, encourage them sign up to your collection service, to improve points 1 and 2.

3. Shared care prescriptions (Methadone etc)

Key areas for consideration are:
1. Develop a good working relationship with your local drug and alcohol team.
2. Ensure prescribers and key workers are aware of the services you offer.
3. Look for courses to attend associated with shared care and protection of vunerable patients.
4. Are you providing general health advice targeted to this patient population?  For example, healthy eating and dental care.

2. Prescription Collection Service (PCS)

Key areas for consideration are:
1. Make sure you have an audit trail for items ordered and expected.
2. If you submt the order on the patient's behalf, ensure you have a robust SOP in place to show the patient instigated the supply.  Medication used when required, should be checked every time to prevent over ordering.

4. Community Dosage System (CDS) - multidose in each blister
5. Monitored Dosage System (MDS
) - single dose in each blister

Key areas for consideration are:
1. Ensure all medication is made up in advance, according to a well planned work management system.
2. Liaise with surgery to ensure people who receive weekly deliveries get weekly scripts.  Installment dispensing on an FP10 is not good practice.
3. Designate areas where CDS and MDS can be prepared without hampering the flow of the main dispensing area.

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