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Managed Repeat Collection Service

We can work with you to develop managed repeat collection services right up to implementing it into your pharmacy to ensure you get the maximum business benefit.

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Initial Consultation

We will first establish what you want to get out of a managed repeat collection service.  This could be a simple procedure where you keep the repeat slip for the patient, but the patient contacts you when they need medicines, up to a fully managed system where you insitgate contact with the patient.

The Support

We will provide exactly what you need.  This could be a high level process for managing a collection service up to a fully written SOP.  We can provide as much or as little support as you require.  We also have experience in implementing the process into pharmacy.  This needs to be carried out in a structured way to ensure it is a success.  If required we can provide on-site support to implement the service.

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Outcomes for your Pharmacy

Firstly, you will be able to ensure your patients are compliant with taking their medicines as you will have an audit trail for each prescription ordered.  It will also increase your item volume as improved compliance throughout the year delivers more items to the pharmacy.  By using the compliance data, waste can be reduced along with providing information to support a patients MUR.

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