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Centralised Hub and Spoke Dispensing

If you have more then one pharmacy, then hub and spoke could help you.  It provides a safe and efficient way of maximising your dispensing capacity.  This could be one pharmacy assembling scripts for another, up to a large scale operation where multiple pharmacies receive asssembled prescriptions from one centralised hub.  No matter what the scale, there is a solution to fit your needs.

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Initial Consultation

If you have more than one pharmacy you can benefit from hub and spoke dispensing.  We will spend time understanding your needs.  Through this review it will help us to design the right systems and processes to really integrate this into your business.

The Support

We will work with you to design high level process flows to ensure the concept fits your needs.  This informs the detailed process flows which will enable you to visualise the journey of the prescription throughout the whole process and this informs the SOPs.  With the right building blocks, setting up the centralised unit is then a case of bringing it all together.

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Outcomes for your pharmacy

Hub and spoke is one of the most significant business development projects a multiple pharmacy company can do.  The ability to free up time for the pharmacy in the local community whilst all the assembly is happening elsewhere enables more services to be delivered and item growth to accelerate above the local market place.  This is why the big multiples do this on a large scale.

BRR Consulting has a range of bespoke services to fit your needs

Scoping exercise to understand how centralised hub and spoke dispensing could benefit your business.

Scoping the project and design of high level process flow maps to show how the system would work safely and efficiently in your organisation.  This would enable the SOPs to be produced.

Design and build the whole operation from conception to final product.  This includes all the process flows, design of SOPs, and full set up of the centralised unit along with engaging the spoke pharmacies.